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Get Your Employees Engaged & Motivated TODAY

Based on proprietary analytics & research, we helped companies:

  • Increase employee productivity by 38%
  • Boost employee engagement by 42%
  • Improve employee retention & loyalty by 21%

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    How are you at
    Motivating & Inspiring your Team?

    Do you find it…

    • Hard getting results with your team
    • Tough creating synergy amongst your employees
    • Challenging to increase the team’s productivity
    • Difficult to retain your top talent

    Programs We Offer

    • Performance Management Tools
    • Staff Appraisal & Review
    • Coaching & Leadership Skills
    • Productivity & Employee Engagement Assessment
    • Behavioral & Profile Assessments
    • Leadership Group Coaching
    • One-on-One Leadership & Executive Coaching
    • Business Results Coaching
    • Motivational Leadership Webinars for Teams
    • EQ Training & Coaching Programs
    • Leadership 360 Feedback
    • Management Alignment & Planning Workshops

    After completing your Employee Engagement & Productivity Assessment (EEPA), we will contact you for a 1-on-1 Strategy Call.

    Strategy calls will be under 40 mins, to enable our Team Transformation Coaches to:

    Understand your organization’s and industry requirement

    Understand past leadership development initiatives and what has worked or not worked

    We will coordinate the meeting with you, and Strategy Calls are best attended to by Decision Makers

    Share on how to empower Leadership Transformation Initiatives, and propose a timeline along with next steps

    Sample EEPA Report

    Coaching Skills for Managers - The Spark Group Asia
    Productivity Program - The Spark Group Asia

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    Imagine Getting More Work Done in Shorter Days with Happier and Highly Motivated Employees

    1. Knowing how to guide your employees when they are stressed-out or, when they need motivation, etc…
    2. Able to motivate, connect and engage the team, despite being remote…
    3. Cultivate a strong culture regardless of your work setting, be it Virtual, Hybrid or even Physical.
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    Sounds like a Transformation Dream Come True?

    We are already realizing these dreams for many organizations, and we would like you to be one of them!

    Programs We Offer

    Leadership Coaching & Training Programs

    soaring upwards - Leadership Development Program - The Spark Group

    Leadership Behavioral & Intelligence

    Helping your Team’s to Effectively Work with Each Other’s Strengths & Differences

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Discover your Leadership Intelligence through © AccuMatch, Behavioral Intelligence Tool developed in Canada
    • Uncover & raise awareness to leadership challenges and blind spots
    • Assist leaders to better communicate through effective influence with understanding Self & Others better
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    Spark Coach Foundation Program

    Transiting your Leaders & Emerging Leaders into Working Effectively with People

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Learn core fundamentals in coaching & leading the team that differs from managing a team
    • Discover core fundamentals of communication, influence and motivation in leading the team
    • Understand key skills of promoting and enabling change in self, the team and the organization
    moving upward icon - Leadership Development Program - The Spark Group

    Spark Leadership Matrix Program

    Discovering your Inner Leader through Transformation in Leadership Identity, Beliefs and Values

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Enable an inner discovery of leaders and CEOs in realizing blind spots and challenges in their current leadership position
    • Empower transformational shifts in constructive beliefs for leaders in transition
    • Experience powerful coaching conversations among leaders to promote inner change

    Bring your Employee Engagement & Motivation to the next level with 3 simple steps!

    1. Submit your details
    2. Complete the assessment (sent via email)
    3. Book your Strategy Call with our TEAM TRANSFORMATION COACHES

    For other enquiries, please contact The Spark Group Asia at [email protected] or +603-2280 0812

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