Are you Struggling to Understand your Team and Employees BETTER, so that you can get BETTER RESULTS in your Company?

If you answered yes, read on. This might be your day…

What is Happening in the World Today?

In a world of many applications, systems, technologies, and even robots, many jobs we use to have or slowly diminishing. In the next 20 years, one of the few roles with the highest value would be ones left where humans understand other humans ~ where Leadership and Behavioral Intelligence will enhance human potential.

Roles, jobs and careers that require us to better understand each other, so we can build potential, through businesses, teams, families, sport, marriages, and this list goes on….

Why Behavior Intelligence?

Everything you do involves behavior. You need to act out what you are thinking. You speak it and you communicate it in your tonality and body language. Behavior, which includes words, is the only way to communicate. It’s the only way to get a result. If you do nothing, then nothing will happen. When you do something, you get a result. If you change what you do, you will get a different result.

All actions start out in our head, our brain. Every observation we make about others doesn’t transcend their physical body. Each and every observation and its associated judgments are based on behaviors – observed behaviors. These behaviors started in someone’s head, and because AccuMatch allows us to map the behavior that stems from these neural patterns, then we can unpack these and help someone at the neural level quickly. Helping them develop new neural-nets that lead to different actions and new outcomes.

Benefits of Behavior Intelligence?


Helping organization leaders and individuals to uncover their limiting behaviors and blind-spots is the first step to working with them to introduce new neural-pathways which will result in new behavior that breakthrough old barriers.


How do you catalogue and map the culture of a team or organization without a neural-mapping system? AccuMatch’s Behavioral coaching is the only program that allows you to quickly and visually show the common behaviors of an organization. Their CULTURE.


Passion and conviction about a role are unconscious neural patterns. In order to achieve long term sustainable change in employee engagement we need to map their unconscious behaviors, anything else is short lived.


Behavior Intelligence training courses help you learn about your own limiting behaviors, your own blind-spots. Achieve greater results for yourself, your family, and your clients. It is just as important for you to grow and expand your own comfort zone and tools as it is to help others.

Check out an AccuMatch Behavioral Group Report we did for an owner and his team of leaders. Would you like to compare your chart with your leaders?

Who is this for?


Top Entrepreneurs and Business owners seek Leadership Coaching Programs to help them become better leaders of people, better problem solvers and innovators.


Leaders, career people, and managers who are empowered to lead their own teams. Leadership & Behavioral Coaching helps career-focused individuals with blind spots that get in the way of their success strategies.


Coaches, mentors, or trainers who want to enhance their ability to understand their clients more efficiently and effectively than ever, and to boost their toolkit of coaching effectiveness.

Interested to find out more?


Have you ever wondered why some leaders have it together more than others?

  1. Leaders get better results with others (business partners, family members, employees) when they understand themselves better…
  2. There is a limit to how much money, wealth and results we can generate, without growing on our mindset…
  3. When we better understand ourselves, we understand why the SAME problems keep happening…
  4. With better internal discovery, we create better happiness and great quality life…
  5. Leaders gain better clarity when they understand their purpose, values and beliefs…
  6. Lastly, getting more RESULTS will almost be effortless, when you realize how your “INTELLIGENCES” have been stacked up against you, all this while…

In generating more and better results, most people resolve to developing their actions. These include skills, capabilities and competencies. While not discounting that importance, working with your “mindset”, your behaviours, and the way you think, will affect your actions more efficiently. How?

Your mindset will strengthen your resolve, your values and your beliefs, making you formidable in whatever you say you want to achieve. And hence, help you get better long-term results, in whatever you do.


Hear It from People Who Went through the Assessment and Leadership Behavior Intelligence Program…

“The one MOST significant shift or learning that I have received through this program is when Coach Maresa had thought me about being FOCUS, being PRESENT and being INTENTIONAL. Whenever I loose FOCUS or not being PRESENT, I discipline myself to be there, especially when I am with my children. I have noticed that I now MAKE MORE time and effort to be PRESENT and FOCUS when they talk to me. It had certainly made the most difference to the way I think and feel now.

Zelda SulaimanManaging Director of a Floral & Event Design Boutique

With this assessment, I realized that as the leader of my company, I should define the direction of my company. I also managed to understand my team and colleagues better, so we can work closely to achieve company's goal more effectively.

Andrew NgProperty and Business Owner in Retail Industry

AccuMatch has enabled me to understand my team well, and given me a better understanding of how to communicate with my team. Most importantly, it has enabled me to position a more positive role in coaching them to the next level.

Melissa TanLeading Training and Coaching Firm in Klang Valley

I used to be very stressed out working with my partner. After I went through this assessment and debrief, I understood better why my partner works in certain ways. As one of the leaders, I took ownership to adjust myself to get results through others.

Michael TeohCo-Founder of a Building Repair and Maintenance Company

I get to understand my behaviour and also my teams’. I use AccuMatch to develop the strengths and improve the struggles of my team to grow the business. I believe to build the business, I must first build the people.

Rashidy AminCOO of a Sport Technology Company

Supporting Organization

AccuMatch is a Behavioral assessment tool based on neural and meta programming. By giving coaches the tools and training backed by empirical proof we are able to show that consistent outcomes are achievable with a broader and unlimited range of clients

International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS) is a research & certification organization that enables coaches and trainers with tools and resources of self-actualization.

Meta-Coaching is a cutting-edge coaching methodology that transcends traditional Performance Coaching, taking both Coach and Client to higher levels– to Developmental and Transformational Coaching.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: Is AccuMatch the same as other assessments like DISC, Myer-Briggs etc.?

There will be no similar assessments between two people, because every assessment is unique and different. Unlike other assessments, AccuMatch does not create labeling for people, enable behaviors to change every now and then based on their environments..

Question 2: Is AccuMatch Assessment difficult to do?

AccuMatch Behaviour Assessments are designed with simple language, hence the questions are easy to answer within 30-45 minutes to complete the survey.

Question 3: Is AccuMatch Assessment available in Bahasa Malaysia?

YES! This is a big plus, as AccuMatch is translated into Bahasa Malaysia, reports will also be generated and sent to you in Bahasa Malaysia.

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