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Jessica Tan

System Consultant

Jessica Tan helps companies increase their efficiency and profitability by creating process approach management system and user-based procedure. Jessica has been the business process and performance development partner for SMEs as well as multi-national corporations in the Asia Pacific region, including Vietnam and China.

Since 2001, she involved in industries like Manufacturing, Construction, Architect Firm, Trading Company, Printing House, Traveling Agency, Food & Beverage (Restaurant, Catering), Beauty Salon (Franchise), Retail Chain, Learning / Education Centre, Company Secretary, Accounting Firm, Audit & Tax Firm. Jessica has more than 15 years’ experience in solving management system, which includes improving work efficiency through process mapping, reengineering, and creating unique operation strategies.

Her business acumen and analytical thinking allow her to design business models, test solutions to problems, and formulate plans for any business / industry. Her core strength in organizing, coaching, and critical thinking plays a crucial part to assist company’s employees to adopt new processes by improving efficiency and productivity. Her sharp foresight was highly praised by companies at all levels. For example, Nurul Izzah Catering, OGN Group Sdn Bhd, Imtiyaz Travel Sdn Bhd, Colourman Online Sdn Bhd, CMA Mental Arithmetic Sdn Bhd, and many more.

During implementation, she demonstrates a different thinking process and adopts those concepts to their business needs, especially on handling human resource issues. To-date, she is also known as the ‘Business Process Inspirer’, an expert in designing business processes to gain greater growth.


  • Bachelor from National Taiwan University (Majoring Industrial Management)
  • Appointed HR Consultant under National Human Resource Centre (NHRC)
  • Certified Franchise Consultant by MFA
  • Certified Trainer by PSMB (HRDF)
  • Certified ISO 9000 Lead Auditor
  • Certified Process-Based Internal Auditor
  • Certified Meta-NLP Practitioner on Personal Coaching
  • Certified in Fundamentals of Business Process Management from
  • Queensland University of Technology, Australia
  • Certified PEAKS Psychometric Profiling Trainer
  • Nan Yang Siang Pau Appointed Columnist Writer
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