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Developing Self, Leadership & Business Intelligence to Enable Better Quality Lives & Businesses



Provide Effective & Measurable 1-1 & Group Coaching Programs Using Both Technology and Facilitation.


Passionate, like-minded career people, leadership intelligence coaches, business advisers & coaches, who work equally hard on themselves, as they do on their clients.


Our clients are people who are willing to play hard, respect a coach’s profession, understand learning & knowledge is the key to positive and sustainable change.

Our clients include business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders, C-level officers, managers, who love learning & growing to bring better impact to their organizations.


  • Our Team shares abundantly. Teaching & Education FIRST, and Actions will Follow.
  • Collaboration is KEY. Going TOGETHER, we go FURTHER.
  • Always Growing, Always Kaizen. We are always Developing & Testing new programs to Support the Community.

About The Spark Group Asia

The Spark Group Asia is the leading Leadership, Executive and Business Coaching Organization in Asia for Leaders & Entrepreneurs.

With one of the most robust & practical leadership coaching & training programs, we also have the most advanced coaching & analytics platform that supports multiple languages, i.e. Mandarin, Vietnamese, Bahasa Melayu and English.

We believe in leveraging data, business and leadership intelligence in making impactful decisions in life and business. On a daily basis, we are empowering executives and businesses to make productive decisions around scaling their businesses, growing their employees, and developing resources for growth, through our unique coaching analytics platform, WeSpark.Asia.

Our team of Mentor Coaches cultivates capable and qualified Certified Leadership Intelligence Coaches who are equipped to build Businesses and Teams through Effective Coaching and Training Programs.

Our success has been centred around deploying business coaching and leadership coaching programs that enables business owners and management teams who aim at transforming their businesses through Systematization, Succession planning, Team development, Digitalization, Leadership and Scaling their clientele online or overseas. We work closely with all levels of leadership in any organization, including shareholders, directors, managers and executives.

Why Are We Different?


Coaching is the enabler for Awareness, Action and Accountability. With the speed of growth and business landscape, having a coach at any level of growth in the business will enhance your chances for competitiveness.

Data & Analytics

As a coaching analytics company, we strive to enable Engagement and Productivity measures that drive the Profitability and Sustainability of organizations. We have proprietary systems that measure not only Individual Behavior Intelligence, but also the organization’s analytics to better understand their employees.

People & Business

We understand both Business and People. We understand the need for businesses to drive Profitability and Sustainability, while integrating the Engagement &  Support of its Teams to reach desired destinations. “Leaders Build the People, People Build Businesses”


We believe in Community, and that community sparks the change needed for Asia. Through the cultivation of sharing, and supporting one another, Asia as a culture will be the leading engine of business, innovation, economy and growth in the near future.

What can we do for you?

The Spark Group Asia prides itself with programs that can support different levels of leaderships from business owners, partners, management teams, and executives


Leadership Development Coaching Program

our measurable programs that focus on sustainability and implementation has proven successful in the required Mindset and Cultural Transformation in People and Processes.

Group Coaching Programs

coaching programs can range from 3 months to 12 months, designed to achieve in-house goals and objectives, with well selected members of the organization to enable change.

Emerging & Rising Leadership Development

focused on succession planning that enables management teams to grow their rising leaders, our Emerging Leaders Program are designed for each leader, and encompasses measurable and 360s feedback mechanisms.

One-on-One Leadership Coaching

Our customized and implementation-focused one-on-one programs have been instrumental in supporting leaders manage personal and transformational changes within the organization.

One-on-One Business Coaching

Designed based on growth direction of the business (mostly small and medium sized enterprises, SMEs), The Spark Group Asia’s business coaching programs ensemble both financial clarity and growth strategies and tactics to enable growth in productivity and profitability.

Productivity Assessments and Business Diagnostic

Designed for SMEs who aim to be more effective with leveraging costs and expenses as their businesses grow, would conduct a Productivity Assessments and Business Diagnostic to define their future next steps in enabling a thriving business, from actual historical achievements.

Leadership Discovery Sessions

a one-off session for leaders who want to unstuck their growth, and discover their potential through understanding their leadership & behavioural intelligence, through proprietary AccuMatch © Assessments
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