Leadership Development Program - The Spark Group Asia

Leader Coach Development Program (LCDP)

Leadership Development Program

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Leadership Training for Leaders - The Spark Group Asia

Effective Leadership & Communication Mastery (ECM)

Enhancing Effective Communication Skill and Influencing Power in You

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Coach Foundation Program (CFP) - The Spark Group Asia

Coach Foundation Program (CFP)

Enabling the Skill of Coaching

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The Leadership Matrix (TLM) - The Spark Group Asia

The Leadership Matrix (TLM)

Leader’s Self Mastery Program

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Coaching Skills Mastery (CSM) - The Spark Group Asia

Coaching Skills Mastery (CSM)

Putting Knowledge to Coaching Practice

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Business diagnostic & evaluation session (BDE) - The Spark Group Asia

Business Diagnostic & Evaluation Session (BDE)

Business Health Check for SME Business Owners

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