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What They’re Saying About Us

“During the 2nd year, we made 12% profit on the bag of RM 1.8 million revenue. The entire 3 years journey has been fruitful for us, keeping us highly focused towards ‘Work On Business’ (WOB).”

Raj & Manish, MalaysiaRecruitment

“Maresa's coaching technique is unique and outstanding. Powerfully motivating and challenging, her talent has her footprints on any businesses that she ventured to coach. An opportunity not to be missed for any businesses that needs her coaching to grow and be ahead of others.”

Ong Kim Teck, MalaysiaBusiness Owner

“We restructured the company by having employee appraisals, HR policy, work SOPs, KPIs, cost control, and company dashboard. With these in place, the company is systematized and the staffs are more responsible and accountable on their duties. Comparing Jan’18 – May'18 with Jan'17 – May'17, our sales increased by 33.8% and our cost reduced by 7%. Overall, our gross profit increased by approximately 64%!”

Zelda, Azmir & Sham, MalaysiaFloral & Event Design

“We used to rent swimming pools from the Government. In 2015, our revenue almost reached RM 2 million where previous years we were only making a few hundred thousand! We used to have a few hundred students in the earlier years, but to date, we have 1,500 students over 3 branches in Klang Valley alone! Our team is happier coming to work and we have expanded to 60 people in 2016.”

Mark Chua & Marilyn Chua, MalaysiaSwim School

Video Testimonials

Let’s hear what they say about us!

CnetG Asia: New business model for long-term profit 4:56

Two friends decided to set up businesses together and there were challenges throughout the way. Through Business Coaching, they managed to turnaround their business, adjusted a new and improved business model for a longer term profitability.

Flower Frenzie: Proper Systems, SOPs, and KPIs in Place 3:35

Flower Frenzie started in 2002 with not many staff. Business grew and scaled up with more team member, which came with an additional package, staff issues.

Innotex: “No Smoking” culture in the business 4:06

If you want your team to embrace the company’s culture, the leaders should start first. Because leadership comes from the top.