A six months group coaching program for selected managers & team leaders in the program targeted at elevating employee engagement and implementing the coaching culture.

Main topics covered

  • Communication: Understand behaviour intelligence and different communication modalities, how to communicate in difficult situations, managing conflicts;
  • Behavioural Intelligence: Enabling different skills and strengths among current leaders of the organization, and assisting them to discover themselves;
  • Leader of Influence: Building rapport and effective relationships at the workplace, how to manage different stakeholders at work;
  • Delegation Skills: Learning effective delegation, planning tasks and communicating overall objectives, enabling team members to contribute during brainstorming meetings;
  • Mental Health Management: Empowering better self-care and mental health through bigger demands on leadership responsibilities, managing stress and avoiding burnout;
  • Playing as a Team: Working with other leaders in harmony, despite useful confrontation, avoiding working in silos, communicating thoughts, opinions and priorities effectively;
  • Being the Leader-Coach: Enabling leaders & managers to coach and empower others to grow, through powerful conversations, how to give good feedback, and the art of inclusion and ownership in the process of challenging one another.

Suitable for

Heads of departments, team leaders, individuals ear-marked for progression


➭ Pulse Engagement Score
Includes pre-and post-employee engagement score in enabling leader’s accountability in driving changes in culture

➭ Customized to Team & Business
Each session is customized to the business and industry

➭ Key Selected Managers
The organization selects team leaders & heads of department for the group coaching program

Hear What Our Participants Say…

I love this program and amazing coaches. This program is totally effective for my leadership transformation and it produce better outcomes. I wish to continue the program for next phase. Totally can’t wait for it.

FarhaiziesmanRegional Sales Manager

This RLGC program has been really rewarding. I have learned how to communicate clearly with my team and to reflect on my leadership skills.

Nurul HanaManager

A real in depth course, I am able to learn and apply it in our daily leadership. Different from other courses

KenArea Sales Manager

This program will coach you on how to bring out the best of you and the people you lead. Better productivity, methods, mentality and techniques to achieve your goals, target and MORE. The coaches are top notch. They are very knowledgeable, professional and fun too! Highly recommended.

Izzat EmirAssistant Manager

It is nice to see how the leadership team is changing. There are different paces within the team but ultimately everyone made progress. It strengthens the team as a whole and made us more open with each other.

Mark BurkhardtGeneral Manager

Very interactive course and I love the LILA. Not only it is useful, it keeps us accountable

OngRegional Manager

This program helps me a lot on my own behaviour and self-awareness. The biggest impact is that, I have changed from being quiet and no confidence to a person that can give feedback, address my feelings and even can make decisions by myself.

Nor IzzatyRestaurant Supervisor

Supporting Organization

As the world’s most popular behavioral assessment, DISC offers a simple solution with profound results. Learn how to identify the behavioral styles of others and adapt your communication to increase sales, assemble teams, target new hires, develop “rockstar” leaders, and more.

AccuMatch is a Behavioral assessment tool based on neural and meta programming. By giving coaches the tools and training backed by empirical proof we are able to show that consistent outcomes are achievable with a broader and unlimited range of clients.

International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS) is a research & certification organization that enables coaches and trainers with tools and resources of self-actualization.

Meta-Coaching is a cutting-edge coaching methodology that transcends traditional Performance Coaching, taking both Coach and Client to higher levels– to Developmental and Transformational Coaching.

HRD Corp is responsible for driving Malaysia’s talent development aspirations through the collection of levy from employers and the funding of training and development programmes for the Malaysian workforce.

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