“A HRD Claimable Leadership Communication Mastery Program for Managers”


This program is designed to equip leaders and entrepreneurs with personal self-discovery and effective leadership communication skills to achieve a productive team working environment.

Use your HRD fund to begin planning the Leadership Development Growth of your Managers TODAY!

The Effective Leadership & Communication Mastery Program is a Leadership & Communication Skills Program that is part of a robust Leadership Training & Development Program – “Leader Coach Development Program”, aimed at enabling managers with coaching skills.

Program Objectives

  • Empowering managers with good leadership & communication strategies that support engagement across different types of people
  • Enable managers with highly influential and persuasive interpersonal skills
  • Support managers to understand their communication profiles, and how they impact others
  • Provide managers with effective communication skills that allow them to lead and facilitate positive change in their organizations

Who Is This For?

For companies who are contributing to HRD, you may utilize your development fund for nomination into our programs, or invest in your customized and in-house leadership development program.

Coach Foundation Program - The Spark Group Asia

Business Owners or Entrepreneurs

Leadership Coaching Training - The Spark Group Asia

Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, Head of Departments

Coaching Skills for Leaders - The Spark Group Asia

Rising & Emerging Leaders

Program Outline


  • GOOD COMMUNICATION: To enable managers to understand the Principles of Good communication versus Poor communication
  • DISCOVERY – To support leaders in discovering their own communication profiles, and their personal impact on others
  • AWARENESS – To create communication awareness among managers, and to enable a flexible approach in interpersonal relationships at work


  • LEADERSHIP INFLUENCE: To uncover Impactful Arts & Science of Persuasion and Leadership Influence at the Workplace
  • DEVELOPING RAPPORT: To empower managers with rapport, interpersonal & relationship building skills
  • TEAM COMMUNICATION: To raise awareness on principles of team communication, at different levels of the organization, and in different situations
  • MANAGING CONFLICT: To enable managers with the ability to handle difficult conversations, confrontations and conflicts at work

Hear What Our Participants Say…

PamelaGroup Human Resources Director of an Investment Holding Company

What I like the most are the practice sessions immediately after learning the modules and feedback for improvement. So, it is not just concentrating on theory but heavy on the practical as well.

SunnieIndependent Trainer and Educator

I learned that by asking meta questions, being intentional and in the right coaching state will help me to be more professional and effective as a life coach.

AzmirExecutive Director of a Wedding and Event Planner Company

I have learned the REAL Coaching Skill and this will definitely help enhance my leadership skill. I like the part where we discussed about the 10 Meta Questions. These points really help a lot during the Coaching Lab session.

ZulkipliChief Executive Officer of a Sports Timing Technology Company

I especially love the Coaching Labs: practice, make mistakes and practice again to be a better coach. I also learned about listening skill, it helps me to be a good communicator.

ZeldaManaging Director of a Floral & Event Design Boutique

SCORE MODEL helps me go to my desired state from my current state in a more systematic and directional manner. By learning about Meta Questioning, I get more clarity on how best to ground questions.

Jeffrey TehBusiness Owner

Very happy learning session to know yourself where you lacking as management level and how you improved as a leader to making difference. Hope many company will participate as to improve your staff and business as well.

Angela BongBusiness Owner

The most beautiful thing happened to me during this pandemic period is to invest into the coaching skill learning with TSG. The team of coaches in TSG is very supportive and encouraging, with diverse corporate and business experiences to help entrepreneurs to be a better leader and better business owner, and most importantly to have great life. I am very thankful to TSG, coach Maresa, coach Eelin and coach Jeanne.

Khor Zyeh MyinBusiness Owner

Coach Maresa and her team brings about different dynamics and experiences through their exposures and background. Through the program I attended - SPARK Foundation - Coach Foundation Program sounds foundational but you'd surprise by the power-packed content and information available. This 2 days program is helpful for budding leaders like me. Grateful.

Catterine SingarairBusiness Owner

An excellent learning journey to unleash your leadership skills. Lots of learning and self reflections. Highly recommended for managers to attend before beginning to lead a team.

Patricia LeowBusiness Owner

Coaches are highly engaging and generous with their experience sharing and constructive encouragement to reach realization/solutions.

Yok Lan WaiBusiness Owner

Experienced coaches encouraged me to challenge myself and I have better understanding about myself.

Supporting Organizations

As the world’s most popular behavioral assessment, DISC offers a simple solution with profound results. Learn how to identify the behavioral styles of others and adapt your communication to increase sales, assemble teams, target new hires, develop “rockstar” leaders, and more

International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS) is a research & certification organization that enables coaches and trainers with tools and resources of self-actualization.

Meta-Coaching is a cutting-edge coaching methodology that transcends traditional Performance Coaching, taking both Coach and Client to higher levels– to Developmental and Transformational Coaching.

HRD Corp is responsible for driving Malaysia’s talent development aspirations through the collection of levy from employers and the funding of training and development programmes for the Malaysian workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can we conduct the program in-house with our team?

Yes we can. With a minimum of 8 (eight) managers, or emerging managers, we can conduct the program in-house, which means just your company will be present.

2. If I don’t have a minimum number of managers for in-house training, can we nominate our managers to attend your program?

Yes, you can. The Spark Group Asia has pre-determined dates, and you may nominate any number of managers to attend our scheduled training.

3. Can I use HRD to claim for these trainings?

Yes, you can. Whether in-house or by nomination, you can use the Human Resource Development Corp (HRDC) Fund for your trainings, as long as your organization effectively contributes the levy to HRD Corp. HRD Corp is approved by the Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia.

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