1: More TIME

Gain time by analyzing your strengths and positions that need to be filled so you (leader, owner & CEO) get to focus on high dollar value activities that grow the business. Stop trading time for more money…

2: More MONEY

More money means more profitability by being more efficient. More money doesn’t mean spend more and get a bigger team. Understand where your greatest margins are from and focus hard to build a sales engine that works without you…

3: Better TEAM

Build team leaders and not a group of people who will just follow. Does your business empower others to make decisions? Or does it always require YOU (the leader)? Maybe sometimes you just won’t let go…

Why is it Important for Your Business to Get a “Health Check”?

1: Objectivity

You need a fully qualified Business Coach on your side being OBJECTIVE because you cannot see yourself as others see YOU.

You will not only get another set of eyes, but you will get someone who is neutral, experienced in building businesses, and ready to call out the gaps for you.

2: Simplify Issues

Do you sometimes feel that everything seems pressing and overwhelming in your business? We help you to prioritize what you need to do.

More importantly, you simplify your challenge and gain CLARITY OF FOCUS of what is needed in the business.

3: Guidance

Your Action Business Coach will be GUIDING, EDUCATING, and ADVISING you every step of the way to achieve your goals. You will gain insights on which step you are at in the 6 Steps to Massive Business Results. Then your Coach will start working with you to build your action plan to graduate every step.

The one session that got me excited about my own business again! Clear run through on what can be improved with the goal of getting “ON” the business. I believe Coach Maresa will be the next trillion dollar coach to the millennials in Southeast Asian!

EricOwner of a Software Development Company.

We are very impressed that she was able to maintain her energy and flair even through Skype as compared to when in person. I love that she did some thorough research into the areas we operate and identified gaps in the market we could tap into while utilising our individual skill sets. Most of all I'm very pleased to see that my partner has gotten comfortable with Maresa and that the energy amongst the three of us is comfortable yet driven, focused and with direction.

I like that we got to understand more about the areas we need more improvement with and the solutions given to remediate and improve on those areas. Very much looking forward to growing the business together and have fun while at it. #greatbusinessgreatlife

VernonOwner of a Biodegradable Food Packaging Company

Yesterday was the first time for me speaking to a professional coach about growing our company. What we discussed and some points for improvement suggested by Coach Maresa were enlightening as it was and I quote an “AHA!” moment for us.

I greatly appreciate Maresa for her time and understanding given to us throughout the chat, and definitely, appreciate her honest opinion as well as reassurance on some areas that we were on the fence for.

The most important thing I learned from the session and stayed on my mind is that our business goes far beyond the product. And we are excited to move forward to pursue different strategies for business growth!

JinnOwner of a Biodegradable Food Packaging Company

So, what happens in a Business Diagnostic session?

First, you need to complete a simple Online Business Background Questionnaire and a thorough Online Business Diagnostic Questionnaire.

This will help us to get started in identifying the gaps immediately.

Then, your coach will help you to:

  • Have a “bird’s eye” view of your business in identifying specific challenges and areas of potential in your systems, sales, marketing, productivity, leadership, and team.
  • Outlining new strategies that you can implement to improve your business performance.

While you are busy working IN your business, you often can’t see the forest for the trees. Many of the business owners are facing this, and that is where we can help. Start by changing your mindset, get the business diagnostic and evaluation done for your business.

Areas covered are:

Marketing / Lead-Generation

Position your product or service, advise on marketing and advertising campaigns that deliver results utilizing any of these strategies: newsletter, referral, digital marketing, repeat business, networking, host beneficiary, and strategic alliances.

Sales & Conversion

Explore advanced selling techniques, relationship building, use of marketing collateral, develop sales processes, overcome objections, craft and use sales scripts.

Strategic Planning

Identify the company’s vision, values, culture, and long-term plans to have more clarity on the business direction. Understand the SWOT of your business, the purpose of the business, and how these connect to your personal goals.


Analysis of your procurement, production, and delivery process. Create flowchart and systems to increase efficiency and output, and prepare the business to work without your involvement.


Review of your existing team, analysis of potential vacancies, matching the right people for the right job, development of your organizational chart and position contracts, conflict resolution, and team building.

Personal Growth

Develop your personal goals, understand of your self-image and internal positioning, plan for life-time learning, identify your behavioural styles, communication, and learning modalities.


Delegation effectiveness, ability to inspire, motivate change in one's team, clarity of direction.

Goal Setting

Establish ‘SMART’ goals, evaluate the outcome of each goal, systematize the results of goal setting sessions to secure the longevity of positive outcomes.

While you are busy working IN your business, you often can’t see the forest for the trees. Many of the business owners are facing this, and that is where we can help. Start by changing your mindset, get the business diagnostic and evaluation done for your business.

I have known Maresa for the last 7 months as a client of her business coaching service. Whilst it has only been a short time, Maresa provided us with extensive coaching, business knowledge, and tools that have allowed us to grow and improve our business.

From our first coaching session, it was obvious that not only she has vast real-knowledge and experience, but her willingness to share understandable content delivery and enthusiasm are motivational and infectious in every coaching session.

If you want a better business, then I recommend you contact Maresa!

Scott ArmitageDirector

Great Coach! She knows how to make us realize our strengths and wake the sleeping heroes inside us. We learned to be a better person as a leader. She gives us clarity on our Mission and Vision. Now, we see our business in a different perspective, we are living our entrepreneurship journey from Working in the Business to Working on the Business. It's challenging but I feel great about it. Along with it we found a lot of new and exciting tasks to share with Coach. We believe on "Developing People Through Sports" and "Great Business, Great Life". Stay Healthy Coach... We respect and love you.

Shidee AminChief Operating Officer

Maresa's coaching technique is unique and outstanding. Powerfully motivating and challenging, her talent has her footprints on any businesses that she ventured to coach. An opportunity not to be missed for any businesses that needs her coaching to grow and be ahead of others.

Ong Kim TeckBusiness Owner

Maresa is excellent in coaching business owners to achieve the results that they want for the company. She sees beyond what you can imagine you can see. She has helped my business from one trainer to 9 trainers! You want to grow your company...

Let Maresa coach you to big ACTIONS!

ChloeFitness Coach

Maresa is a very result-driven business coach that will ensure that you and your business are always on track to achieve your goals. Our company's revenue skyrocketed from RM 3,000 per month to an average of RM 500,000 per month! That's an increment of 16,566 % !!


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