Learning how to coach is becoming a vital skill in the growth of many organizations today. The true art of coaching is about expanding human potential, beyond a person’s own belief. And in a world of many apps, systems, technologies, and even robots, many jobs we use to have or slowly diminishing.

The jobs that will remain and continue to grow are those that cannot be replaced by AI. These are the jobs that require human critical thinking skills and decision making that are based on subjective factors to meet people’s complex needs.

As we work more and more with people related roles, the leadership skills required are beyond formulas. Leadership skills is about being aware of where you are, where you want to go, and closing the gap to get to the goal. It’s about working with different people in different contexts, and yet arrive at the desired result at the end of the day.

The Coaching Culture begins at the top, and its Leadership need to know the systems of coaching and systems of human potential.

The Coaching Culture & Leadership Intelligence begins with YOU.

Are you a leader who wants to…

  • Learn how to coach your people to higher performance levels?
  • Learn how to coach professionally?
  • Get better results for yourself, to have more time, money, and freedom?
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If you answered yes to any of the questions, continue to read on. We have something just right for you.

Hear what Master Coach Maresa has to say

What You Can Expect When You Are One of Our Leadership Intelligence Coaches?

Grow at whatever pace you want. You can take on clients when you want. Of course, the harder you work, the more return you are going to have

Belong to a community of coaches. One thing that coaches all strive on, are the discussions among like-minded people to keep giving us those “Ah-ha” moments

Know how to build your coaching business with model strategies that enable you to gain clients faster than you ever thought possible

Build a business that grows when you get results in others. The more successful others are, the more successful you are

Do You Have What We Are Looking For?

We are building our team of coaches, who want to make a difference to leaders everywhere. And we are looking for people who have what it takes, and it’s not just SKILLS & COMPETENCIES that we are looking for, but HEART and RESILIENCE to see people grow.

Able to walk the talk from congruence

Love to learn and teach, both at the same time

Get excited from the experience of people getting great results around you

Read tons of books ~ We don’t mean just reading blogs

Great emotional intelligence in managing yourself

Love making a difference and helping people grow

Join Our Revolution – Accelerated Results through Mapping and Discovery with Leadership Intelligence Coaching.

Hear what our Leadership Intelligence Coaches have to say


  • Completed Leader as Coach Development Program (LCDP)

  • Minimum 5 years in running your own business or minimum 10 years work experience if you are employed

  • Readiness to invest in your own learning

  • Ability to plan and manage your own time to learn in the next 6 months and coach clients

* The Spark Group Asia reserves the right to apply any exceptions to applicants who do not fulfil the full requirements stated above. This will be decided after the first meeting with The Spark Group Asia representative.


So many great things have changed since I began coaching with Coach Maresa on this Leadership BI Program. Although I must admit it has been challenging, as after all, it is about having to discipline myself and changing MYSELF and my inner game and my beliefs which had been ROOTED in my MAP for the many years that I had lived! But nonetheless, I know that “For things to Change, I Must Change First!” and that “a LITTLE progress each day adds up to BIG results”. Now, I am able to know when I should wear the right cap. That I have to be able to communicate from STATE TO STATE. To be at the right state of mind at the right time via the help of my DEFAULT DIARY. I am also now able to empower my team to do more, so that I am more able to focus on what I SHOULD be doing and be PRESENT when doing it!

Zelda SulaimanManaging Director of a Floral & Event Design Boutique

One significant learning that I got from the program is that I have to picture an outcome that I truly want through visualization, hearing, feeling, and also having a belief system. If I had not undergone these changes, I would be in distress over minor things when they don’t work according to my way and I would not be able to fully live the kind of life I want.

YunaChief Executive Officer of a Malaysian Watch Brand

I found myself a bit lost in my life and career, and I didn’t know how to move forward. It seems like I have reached a bottleneck. I tried many methods to change, but the results were still the same. I felt the problem keeps on coming back and I didn’t know the root cause. After going through this Leadership & Behavioral Intelligence Coaching Program, my coach always asks me a series of questions, which in the end, helps me to realize my own potentials and strengths. I started to understand the WHY behind everything I do and this encourages me to complete my tasks. I have more clarity on the outcome I want to achieve now. I’m forever grateful to have met my coach and gone through this program.

AllanSales Director of a Travel Incentive Company

Before attending this coaching program, I have been following the flow to complete my tasks. After I meet my coach, I started to know myself better and I could see my own weakness even clearer. Through the coaching program, I learned how to be more flexible to work closer with my team and leverage on their strengths. If I had not undergone the changes, I would be doing the same thing over and over again, but couldn’t get the results I wanted. My coach also helped me to see things from other people’s perspectives, which allowed me to improve my leadership skill when leading my team.

EricGeneral Manager of a Home Retail Chain

Supporting Organizations

AccuMatch is a Behavioral assessment tool based on neural and meta programming. By giving coaches the tools and training backed by empirical proof we are able to show that consistent outcomes are achievable with a broader and unlimited range of clients

International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS) is a research & certification organization that enables coaches and trainers with tools and resources of self-actualization.

Meta-Coaching is a cutting-edge coaching methodology that transcends traditional Performance Coaching, taking both Coach and Client to higher levels– to Developmental and Transformational Coaching.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

“I am currently coaching already, and have my own certification. May I still join the team?”

Yes, you may. We would still require you to complete LCDP and participate in the selection process. With your qualifications in coaching, we have no doubt that it will enable you to run faster. But we would still require you to go through the initial training for all coaches joining the team.

“I run a business and would like to attend this training so that I can learn how to coach my team better. I’m not thinking of growing the coaching business anytime soon, but can use the skills to build the coaching culture in my organization. Can I still come try-out?”

Sure! We highly encourage all leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners to learn how to coach. It is the skill of expanding human potential, and this is critical in every leadership position. You can still try-out, but your training will not be as extensive as the coaches who are building the business. Should you later want to grow the coaching company, as long as this is within a 3-year period, you may proceed to grow the business, without retaking the training.

“I am currently still working, and fully employed. Is it possible for me to become a coach?”

Yes, you may. However, we encourage you to be flexible in planning undisrupted days to attend training set by our Master Trainers and Coaches. There will be continued learning webinars and physical meetings every now and then, and you are able to plan ahead for those. You may however be as flexible as you want, in times that you coach your clients. This is entirely up to you.

“I don’t have the experience in business or corporate at the moment. Is it still possible for me to try-out?”

You may still try out, but you will need to show evidence of emotional maturity and that you are prepared to equip yourself quickly with learning. The experience we require is critical in working with people, as the responsibility of being a coach is great.

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