Coaching is not just a full-time position for professionals, but it is a SKILL that all leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs MUST HAVE. Why?

  • Coaching is a skill that empowers employees to perform beyond just DOING.
  • Coaching creates growth that is driven by a whole team, not just a handful of performers.
  • Coaching is a leadership skill. Beyond management skills, growing leaders requires coaching skills. When you (CEO, owners) are working too hard, you need to start creating leaders.
  • Coaching requires you to UNDERSTAND PEOPLE, beyond their ability to understand themselves. That’s what ALL great leaders are, they understand their people’s strengths & struggles.

This Employee Whisperer Workshop is Suitable for

  • CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs.
  • C-suite leaders of small and medium sized businesses.
  • Owners and CEOs with at least 1-2 managers (second in command).
  • People in leadership positions in company with a minimum 5 full-time employees.
  • Businesses in service, professional-based, retail, franchisor teams, and manufacturing.

To ensure you get the best of the session, we suggest you have the said criteria so the knowledge is directly applicable to your organization. If you don’t, just give us an email ( and we will help you decide.

Why is it Important to Learn How to Coach?

  • When you (owner, leader) develop a Coaching Culture, your employees will develop it too…
  • Your organization (and you) will start to recognize abilities in people, and possess systematic approach on growing them (not trial & error).
  • You will experience a more open & driven energy in your team. Done well, your team will be building your business harder than you!
  • You will experience that proactivity and “extra-mile” in your employees; where they care if you and your business grow or not…
  • Your managers & employees will experience more personal growth than they have ever had!

If you’re ready to LEAP, if you’re ready to have an IMPACT in your business, LOOK NO FURTHER!


Boss vs coach diagram

What Will You Get Out of This Workshop?


  1. 5 Steps to Auto-Pilot your Team…
  2. Major Boo-Boos Leaders make in “leading” their team (without learning to Coach)…
  3. What Coaching your Team IS, and IS NOT (understanding the difference will save you a high employee turnover)…
  4. Learn the 9 Core-Skills of Coaching and Practical Strategies to Execute in your Business.
  5. Discover How to Develop People based on STRENGTHS, not Weaknesses.
  6. Get Tools & Resources to Simplify and INCREASE Employee Engagement through Coaching Them!

Why You Should NOT Miss This Employee Whisperer Workshop…

  • This is the EDGE all businesses have been waiting for (some may not even know it yet)…
  • If you are building culture, the Coaching Culture is a MUST!
  • Every business that knows how to do this, will have an advantage above yours if you miss this…

The Coaching Culture increases business profitability and productivity by 70%! *

* Source: 2009 ICF Global Coaching Client Study (

Who is the Speaker?

As a Business Growth Specialist, Author, Professional Speaker, and ActionCOACH Asia Master Coach Trainer, Maresa has grown several of her own businesses and has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, business owners & CEOs to succeed in turning around their businesses. She is the author of “MPH Masterclass Guide to Starting a Business” and “Great Business, Great Life”.

Aside from being in Business Coaching for more than 10 years, Maresa is a certified AccuMatch Behavioral Intelligence Coach for Malaysia and Singapore. She is also an associate certified Meta-Coach by International Society of Neuro Semantics.

Having spoken in over a dozen countries regionally, her business-building-seminars have touched the lives of thousands of business people and entrepreneurs.

Maresa loves working with entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders, and managers, to help them raise the bar of how they run their businesses, through developing their mindsets and building more profitable strategies into the business. Why? Because being in business, is about having more life.


BONUS! Exclusively for All Workshop Participants…

  1. Leadership & Business Intelligence Special Edition Workbook.
  2. You will receive 100% FREE ACCESS to our MASTERCLASSES that has been responsible for helping to SYSTEMATIZE a business, add MORE ZEROS in your BUSINESS INCOME, boost BUSINESS PROFITABILITY, DELEGATE EFFECTIVELY, and much more!

Now that you have learned about the benefits of coaching, you have a choice. You can either keep doing what you’ve been doing, or you can adopt the NEW way of leading your employees through COACHING THEM!


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Boss as a coach

Hear It from People Who Went through Coaching Before...

Great Coach! She knows how to make us realize our strengths and wake the sleeping heroes inside us. We learned to be a better person as a leader.

Shidee, COOMalaysia

Enthusiastic, passionate, insightful… These are some words to describe Maresa Ng. She has offered us abundant direction and guidance. She has shown us immense support and tools that are making a real difference to our business.

Brent, Business OwnerAustralia

Maresa is excellent in coaching business owners to achieve the results that they want for the company. She sees beyond what you can imagine you can see. You want to grow your company... Let Maresa coach you to big ACTIONS!

Chloe, Business OwnerMalaysia

She has helped a group of women to become leaders in their small social businesses. We need positive leaders like her, while she is sharing her skills, she is empowering women with creativity, patience and passion!

Elodie, HumanitarianFrance

Coach Maresa changed the way I look at business and marketing. What's so special about her is that she is not just a business coach, but a life coach. I gained so much from her coaching session that I discovered what my heart "really" wants, not what my ego wants me to be. Because of that I manage to excel in my new career!

Kenyu, Human Capital Development ManagerMalaysia

Throughout the workshop, the speaker's informative sharing sparked thoughts and ieads that I can now propose and discuss with my team. Now I know how to improve our operations to run smoothly and systematically.

Jinn, Operations ManagerMalaysia

I found it very interesting and the speaker is excellent. The topic is quite beneficial to me. I learned about how I can teach and coach my team. I also learned to motivate myself and the team. I have more knowledge to lead myself and team better than before.

Zarif, Branch ManagerMalaysia

12.00pm: Registration, Light Refreshments, Networking
12.30pm: Workshop Starts
04.30pm: Q&A
05.00pm: Adjourns

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