The Leadership Matrix is designed to enable leaders to generate POSITIVE and RESOURCEFUL working relationships with others. Designed for leaders at every level, this unique coaching program works with leaders to discover their strengths and to work in harmony with the people around them.

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Program Objectives

The Leadership Matrix is aimed at achieving the following outcomes:

  • Provide clarity in developing the potential leader in you
  • Enable positive working relationships with peers and employees, and generate better performance
  • To better understand how people are motivated, and to perform better with many different types of people

Who is this for?

For companies who are contributing to HRD, you may utilize your development fund for nomination into our programs, or invest in your customized and in-house leadership development program.

Business owners, CEOs, Founders, Entrepreneurs

  • People who are scaling the business and leading a bigger team
  • Wants to enable change with a team that has been around for a long time
  • Leading a team of managers, as opposed to executives

Senior Management, Leaders, Team Leaders, Supervisors

  • Wants to be better at influencing the team toward change
  • To be better at inspiring others to grow
  • Get better productivity from the team

Program Outline

Day 1: Being a Successful Leader

  • Successful Leadership Mindset
  • Applying Change to Self, before Others
  • Enabling Sustainable & Long-lasting Change
  • Understand the 8-part Leadership Matrix
  • Learn Steps to being an Inspiring & Influential leader

Day 2: Enabling the Influential Leader in You

  • Identify Skills & Competencies Critical for your Leadership Position
  • Identify Unresourceful Beliefs in Engaging your Employees
  • Raising EQ Awareness in leading yourself and others
  • Deepen Trust and Working Relationship Levels with your Employees

Hear What Our Participants Say…

It's an eye opening experience on discovering leadership skills. I have attended many courses before, but this course is life changing as it makes you realize yourself, what leadership skill you need to acquire to be a better leader for yourself and others.

MenakaSales Manager

Clear and concise... Hit and check every point on the course materials. Sessions are very relatable and relevant to our journey down the rabbit hole trip. We need to re-learn and undo all the pasts mindset and embark on these new journeys that make us a more real and authentic leaders

Grace WongFinance Manager

The Leadership Matrix is a great program that can guide us to understand ourself better as leaders. I able to train my listening and curiosity skills from the coaching conversation.

Md RashidyChief Operation Officer

SCORE MODEL helps me go to my desired state from my current state in a more systematic and directional manner. I get more clarity on how best to ground questions.

Zelda SulaimanManaging Director

Coach Nurul's way of teaching is very clear and I love the way she gave examples to explain the content in this coaching program.

Thashendran NavindranManager

Supporting Organization

AccuMatch is a Behavioral assessment tool based on neural and meta programming. By giving coaches the tools and training backed by empirical proof we are able to show that consistent outcomes are achievable with a broader and unlimited range of clients

International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS) is a research & certification organization that enables coaches and trainers with tools and resources of self-actualization.

Meta-Coaching is a cutting-edge coaching methodology that transcends traditional Performance Coaching, taking both Coach and Client to higher levels– to Developmental and Transformational Coaching.

Leadership Training for Leaders - The Spark Group AsiaAs the world’s most popular behavioral assessment, DISC offers a simple solution with profound results. Learn how to identify the behavioral styles of others and adapt your communication to increase sales, assemble teams, target new hires, develop “rockstar” leaders, and more.

HRD Corp is responsible for driving Malaysia’s talent development aspirations through the collection of levy from employers and the funding of training and development programmes for the Malaysian workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: There are four programs in LCDP. Is it compulsory for me to complete all programs?

If you aim to complete LCDP as a whole program, it is compulsory to complete all four programs. However, you may also enrol in one program at a time.

Question 2: Are there any prerequisites to the programs?

You MUST complete Effective Leadership & Communication Mastery (ECM), Coach Foundation Program (CFP), and The Leadership Matrix Program (TLM) before you can enrol in Coaching Skills Mastery Program (CSM).

Question 3: My company is a registered employer with HRDC. Can I use our HRDC grant for LCDP? Can you also conduct an in-house program for my organization?

We are a registered training provider with HRDC and yes, you can claim from HRDC. We are delighted to conduct an in-house program for your organization. Our team member will be in touch with you to understand further.

Question 4: What are the languages available for LCDP?

We have English, Malay and Mandarin batches for LCDP.

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