“During the 2nd year, we made 12% profit on the bag of RM 1.8 million revenue. The entire 3 years journey has been fruitful for us, keeping us highly focused towards ‘Work On Business’ (WOB).”

Raj & Manish, MalaysiaRecruitment

“Maresa's coaching technique is unique and outstanding. Powerfully motivating and challenging, her talent has her footprints on any businesses that she ventured to coach. An opportunity not to be missed for any businesses that needs her coaching to grow and be ahead of others.”

Ong Kim Teck, MalaysiaBusiness Owner

“We restructured the company by having employee appraisals, HR policy, work SOPs, KPIs, cost control, and company dashboard. With these in place, the company is systematized and the staffs are more responsible and accountable on their duties. Comparing Jan’18 – May'18 with Jan'17 – May'17, our sales increased by 33.8% and our cost reduced by 7%. Overall, our gross profit increased by approximately 64%!”

Zelda, Azmir & Sham, MalaysiaFloral & Event Design

“We used to rent swimming pools from the Government. In 2015, our revenue almost reached RM 2 million where previous years we were only making a few hundred thousand! We used to have a few hundred students in the earlier years, but to date, we have 1,500 students over 3 branches in Klang Valley alone! Our team is happier coming to work and we have expanded to 60 people in 2016.”

Mark Chua & Marilyn Chua, MalaysiaSwim School

“Really grateful for having the opportunity to work with Maresa. I even attended her Entrepreneur Business School and found the experience invaluable professionally and personally. She's very passionate about what she does and willing to share lots of PRICELESS tips & tricks to me as an entrepreneur. Thanks Coach! You're the best!”

Andy Saedah, MalaysiaWeb Developer

“Master Coach Maresa has inspired and motivated me to step out of my comfort zone. She is amazing! I learn many things from her and her book "Great Business, Great Life". We love her so much!”

Nha Phuong Pham, VietnamCoach

“A Great Business Coach and a great teacher at Heart. Really had a great time during my Coach Transformation Program with Coach Maresa. Thank you .
Great Business!! Great LIFE!!”

Pyay Khaing, LaosBusiness Coach

“Master Coach Maresa has inspired, motivated, and taught me on how to be a great coach and better person in life and business. She showed us her real life experiences and persistent efforts on chasing excellence and being at the top! I will follow her steps and success pattern to be at top as well.”

Rudy Antoni, IndonesiaBusiness Coach

“Great Coach! She knows how to make us realize our strengths and wake the sleeping heroes inside us. We learned to be a better person as a leader. She gives us clarity on our Mission and Vision. Now, we see our business in a different perspective, we are living our entrepreneurship journey from Working in the Business to Working on the Business. It's challenging but I feel great about it. Along with it we found a lot of new and exciting tasks to share with Coach. We believe on "Developing People Through Sports" and "Great Business, Great Life". Stay Healthy Coach... We respect and love you.”

Shidee Amin, MalaysiaSports Timing Technology

“A coach who continuously challenges herself and her clients to greater heights… That is Maresa, someone who's passionate about what she does and will go the extra mile for her clients.”

Wong Mei Wei, MalaysiaCoach & Trainer

“I have a great opportunity to go through Coach Transformation Program with Coach Maresa. She really inspired not just me, but all of my classmates. Her sharing and guidance were amazing and we were motivated. She not only shared her success, but also her valuable lessons that we learned a lot from. We love her very much. Wish you will always be successful in this path and inspire more and more people, and help more and more businesses and families. Wish you all the best!”

Yen Cao, VietnamBusiness Coach & Business Owner

“Enthusiastic, passionate, insightful… These are some words to describe Maresa Ng.
We had the pleasure of working with Maresa for the last 5 months during which Maresa has offered us abundant direction and guidance. She has shown us immense support and tools that are making a real difference to our business.

We always look forward to our meeting because we know that they will be productive and rewarding, due to Maresa’s expertise, vision, and approach. Sometimes our discussions are difficult at the time, but with Maresa’s support, we know that these discussions need to be had and are important.

We wholeheartedly recommend Maresa Ng as a coach to any business. Whether you are new, old, large, or small, Maresa, as your business coach, will make a real difference.”

Brent Armitage, AustraliaMedical Supplies Manufacturer

“I have known Maresa for the last 7 months as a client of her business coaching service. Whilst it has only been a short time, Maresa provided us with extensive coaching, business knowledge, and tools that have allowed us to grow and improve our business.

From our first coaching session, it was obvious that not only she has vast real-knowledge and experience, but her willingness to share understandable content delivery and enthusiasm are motivational and infectious in every coaching session.

If you want a better business, then I recommend you contact Maresa!”

Scott Armitage, AustraliaMedical Supplies Manufacturer

“I hold great respect for Maresa in the way that she handles challenges and problems, which we had faced during this time. I also respect Maresa's positive and larger than life attitude. Maresa always has a smile and is always so passionate when speaking and sharing about her passion to help business owners grow and achieve success.”

Ahyat Ishak, MalaysiaSecurity Services Company & Property Investor

“I’ve learnt the ways a business can be run systematically. For instance, we can incorporate KPI into our business model by keeping track of its performance and improvement. I personally think that every business owner shall attend Maresa’s workshop. It is worth to attend and you will not regret.”

Cherry Ho, MalaysiaTraining for Kids & Youth

“Maresa is excellent in coaching business owners to achieve the results that they want for the company. She sees beyond what you can imagine you can see. She has helped my business from one trainer to 9 trainers! You want to grow your company...

Let Maresa coach you to big ACTIONS!”

Chloe, MalaysiaFitness Coaching

“Maresa has the drive to make any business successful. Not only does she inspire people with her leadership and guts, she has the consistency and strategic thinking to achieve results. Maresa is also a loyal friend, a caring listener, and a great coach.

Thank you for inspiring me, Maresa. I hope you inspire many more to come.”

Cynthia Wihardja, IndonesiaEntrepreneur, Leadership & Business Coach

“At the very beginning of Tanma Federation, the cooperative led by refugee women, Maresa has been of very precious help and support. She has helped a group of women to become leaders in their small social businesses. We need positive leaders like her, while she is sharing her skills, she is empowering women with creativity, patience and passion!”

Elodie, FranceHumanitarian Organization

“Maresa is a very result-driven business coach that will ensure that you and your business are always on track to achieve your goals. Our company's revenue skyrocketed from RM 3,000 per month to an average of RM 500,000 per month!
That's an increment of 16,566 % !!”

Izzah, MalaysiaCatering

“Maresa is a business coach with creative knowledge on how to improve one's business results by focussing on different aspects of the business. For us, she had provided many different ways and ideas to increase lead generation methods in order to increase potential sales.”

Izzat, MalaysiaRecruitment

“Maresa is the consummate professional, leader, and business coach - never short of a new idea or a word of support. The skills learned and tools provided are still put to good use, and I would recommend anyone looking to improve results to sign on for a seminar as a refresher - the attitude and positivity of ActionCOACH will give you a jump start!”

Jan Drew, AustraliaIntern Placements & Programs

“Coach Maresa changed the way I look at business and marketing. What's so special about her is that she is not just a business coach, but a life coach. I gained so much from her coaching session that I discovered what my heart "really" want to be, not what my ego want me to be. Because of that I manage to excel in my new career!”

Kenyu, MalaysiaHuman Capital Development

“Maresa inspires the people around her to be GREAT and to think big. She has high integrity in her actions, being, and results. Her deep and detailed knowledge of business makes her reliable and consistent partner and source in delivering results! Not only is she patient, her communication, drive, and professionalism take her approach and skills to another level.”

Lyn, MalaysiaFitness Coaching

“She is the best in what she does!”

Roselin, MalaysiaLoyalty Rewards

“Maresa has been an outstanding business coach to my company. She has actually helped us to build our business and increase our sales tremendously by trying new techniques and working those techniques over time. With her, we've been continuously working on our business while working in the business. As a Coach - anyone can definitely count on her, to coach them build their business!”

Vyasa Kandasamy, MalaysiaAutocad Training Facility

“Maresa is very result-oriented business coach, she has very good track record in helping her clients to double or triple the revenue in a very short period of time. She is a very reasonable, caring, and responsible person.”

Wilson, MalaysiaPerformance Management

“If you think that your business can't afford Maresa right now, you are definitely a business owner that can't afford not to have her coach you and your business right now.

Proof - we expanded and doubled our revenues in just under two years upon engaging her.”

Zac, MalaysiaAdvertising & Branding