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11th March 2021, Thursday, 2.00PM – 4.30PM

Games are fun. People love games.

With so many businesses struggling with employee retention, engagement and work satisfaction, why not we take lessons from games to make work more fun?

Gamification is the process of adding games or game-like elements to something (such as a task) to make it more rewarding and to encourage participation. Now that most of us are embracing the “working from home” culture, how can we gamify this virtual work culture?

In this CEO Exchange, we have invited Yvonne Ng (Managing Director ANBIZ, Gamification Expert).

Here’s what she will share:

  • Learn how to keep employees motivated in remote working setting
  • Discover the 3 key secret strategies in transforming a Digital Workforce
  • Understand key pillars to enable a Healthy & Competitive Team
  • Know how Gamification initiatives enable employees to be your biggest Internal Brand Ambassador

Who is Yvonne Ng?

Yvonne is the Founder and Managing Director of ANBIZ Sdn Bhd, and has over 21 years of experience in Customer Relationship Management.

Yvonne has developed ANBIZ from a reseller of CRM solutions, to a company that owns its CRM solutions and is comparable with other top-tiered CRM solutions in the market.

ANBIZ’s CRM solution is a comprehensive operational and analytical CRM platform that covers the entire spectrum of a customer’s experience. Under her leadership, ANBIZ has continuously been at the forefront of technology solutions offering, with their latest product addition being a Gamification solution. Seeing the potential that Gamification has to offer, Yvonne decided to incorporate Gamification solutions into her strategies and software to cater to the growing requirements of companies in Malaysia.

She is one of the few gamification experts that have been trained by Amy Jo Kim and Ann Coppens and have done close to 15 gamification projects.

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“Gamifying the Virtual Culture”, by Yvonne Ng


“How We Turned Around Our Businesses during Pandemic”, by Resilient Entrepreneur panels


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