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How to bring more values with your company procedure

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In any organization, there must be a common set of business processes that exists for the organization to function properly. These business processes are known as the “supply chain” of an organization. If any organization wishes to improve its customer satisfaction or profitability, thorough analysis on business processes of the supply chain shall be the basic entrance.

Through years of writing Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for my clients and studying thousands of supply activities and processes, I found that if an organization (especially small business entities) wishes to stand out in this dynamic era, they should find the hidden values from sets of business processes besides their existing business creativities and strategies. In other words, the organization should develop their own “VALUE NET” instead of just maintaining the supply chain.


VALUE NET is a system that is built based on the core area of bringing extra value to the customer and increasing customer satisfaction through improved speed of delivery, convenience, customization, and many more. VALUE NET is best described as a net, surrounding the CORE, i.e. CUSTOMER in the picture below.

The important message here is, the organization should develop the business processes to create more value-add to the customers instead of just creating products that meet the customer’s requirement. Customer satisfaction no longer becomes a reward, but it is now an obligation of all organizations.


There are 3 stages when developing a customer satisfaction-based process.

In step 1, there are 3 areas that an organization should think about. Summary is in the following graph:

Continue the process designing flow until all processes are completed.

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