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Unveiling the Struggles and Potential of Middle Level Managers

By February 21, 2024 No Comments
The Spark Group Asia | Malaysia's No 1 Training Provider

In a recent interview with Gerald Ratnam on BernamaTV-The Nation, our CEO and Master Coach, Maresa Ng, offered a thought-provoking exploration of the often-unsung heroes of organizations: Middle-Level Managers.

“Middle management includes all of the management positions in a hierarchical company structure underneath the top management positions and above the non-management workers.”

The conversation delved into the unique challenges faced by this crucial group. As Maresa, known for her expertise in leadership development, pointed out, middle managers often find themselves sandwiched between the demands of superiors and the needs of their teams.

This can lead to feelings of ambiguity, limited resources, and pressure to deliver results, potentially impacting their work-life balance and overall well-being.

The Spark Group Asia | Malaysia's No 1 Training Provider

Despite these challenges, Maresa shed light on the immense potential that middle managers hold for driving organizational success. Organizations can unlock this hidden power and reap significant benefits by empowering them with autonomy, clear goals, and development opportunities.

The Spark Group Asia | Malaysia's No 1 Training Provider

While the interview provided valuable insights, the conversation continues!

Dive deeper into these crucial topics by watching the full video on The Spark Group Asia YouTube page:

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