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What is the Quality of Your Delegation?

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The Quality of Your Delegation is Directly Dependent on the Quality of your Communication

It’s every leader and entrepreneur’s dream to delegate perfectly. In their perfect world, their employees will take their one-liners and implement what they want, while they ride off into the sunset.

The challenge with delegating properly is that it is a learning process, not for just employees but also for the employer. However, many employers do not realize this, and they think that it is the employees that need to buck up, listen properly, have a better education, etc.

Delegation is a 2-way adjustment and learning process. Why? Delegation is communication, and everyone’s communication channels are different. Learning how your employees RECEIVE information from you, and the different modalities you PROVIDE information. If there’s a mismatch, the communication would be inefficient.

In the learning process, patience is also required. In some types of leadership, being fast-paced is a very important criteria, and patience is a quality that is rather rare.

A very famous adage, “If you want to go fast go alone, you want to go far, go together.”

Good Delegation is Good Communication and Communication is the Response that You Get.

If I say something that upsets someone, can I, A: Change the way he reacts to my message, or B: Change the way I deliver the message?

A boss that lacks responsibility for her message would blame her employees.

A leader that takes responsibility on that communication would evaluate the quality of the communication and would seek how to improve.

“My Way or the Highway.”

In today’s competitive stage of business, leaders and entrepreneurs can hardly take this state of mind. People don’t say this, but they behave like it. How? – they behave the same, blaming the education system, personally attacking their employee’s intelligence, despite countless resignations! It’s the employee’s fault, the quality of graduates leaving schools are just poor and these bosses continue to suffer.

My mentor said this to me, “Doing things the same way expecting different results is called INSANITY. So, have you had enough of the poor results, yet?”

In this day and age, there are more businesses hiring, career and entrepreneur options, employers are fighting for the good pool of talent that can help them take their organizations forward.

Can we REALLY afford the my-way-or-highway attitude?

“Flexibility enables us to work with more types of people.” It reminds me of something I realized when I was 8 years old, that with the same effort, it’s a lot easier to snap a pencil than to break a rubber band. When we are flexible, it enables greater endurance in leading a team forward, hence some of the greatest leaders we know, are those who know how to work with people.

As savvier individuals, leaders need to adopt a more flexible approach in using communication channels that are suitable to your employees. We are not saying for you be flexible with your values, systems, and policies, but use a flexible approach for the ways you communicate with your employees.

For instance, if you know an employee needs more active discussion in executing a project properly, your communication channel could encompass brainstorming with said employee, instead of just sending an email.

In our workshops, we help leaders & entrepreneurs realize all the tools they have at their fingertips to speak, communicate, motivate and feedback to their employees, to empower them get better results.

Although, communication is a deep part of leadership, many people under-define communication.

From the mouth of one of my mentors, good leadership is when your employees do things willingly in your company, not do it because they fear losing their job, or pissing you off. That’s not leadership nor good communication.

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