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How to Identify the Real Problem – Dialogue with Coach

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We recently completed our Leadership Behavioral Intelligence program, and my client started off by saying he wanted to manage time better.

Coach: Okay. And what usually robs your time?

Client: My employees. My employees, my business partners take my time, my customers, etc. At the end of the day, the day flies by, and I’ve not gotten anything I’ve planned done. So YES, I need to manage my time better …

Coach: Are you really THAT bad at managing your time?

Client: No, I’m quite good at it actually. I know what I want to get from the day… It’s just people keep demanding from me…

Coach: So, are you sure you need to manage your time better, or is it something else?

Client: Hmm… Maybe I need to learn how to say NO…

Coach: Have you said NO to anyone before?

Client: Not really. I feel bad when I say no. In fact, I don’t directly say No. I will usually give an excuse or have a reason…

Coach: Really? So… Do you still want to talk about time management?

Client: No… I want to learn how to say NO…

Coach: You just said NO! Well done!!

Client: I guess I did!

Coach: Let’s practice…

Inside the Coach’s Head:

Most people think they need something, i.e. time management, and that’s usually a cure to a symptom. Something else deeper is happening when someone needs to manage time better. Is it just managing time? Could it be something deeper? And good coaches are able to tell that apart, and sieve through the issues by getting to the core of the problem.


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