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Delegating Effectively is an Art of Communication

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Delegating is every leader’s bane, and it can go two ways.

One – effectively delegate and work gets done well, and leaders empower the team.

Two – it goes sideways, and the leaders take back the work they delegated.

Poor delegation reinforces poor mentalities like ~why my company should not grow big, and why I should not trust my employees, etc.

This is how leaders and CEOs sound like when they are giving up. By the way, it sounds amazingly valid and sophisticated, most of the time. You know what they say, the smarter someone is, the more sophisticated their excuses start to sound like.

Delegating is an Art and Science at the same time. There’s a formula, and then there’s some intuition as well.

Here are so many reasons for poor delegation:

  1. Incomplete, fast, quick & rash delegation. In other words, literally just vomiting instructions at your employee, and there’s insufficient time to understand.
  2. Insufficient resources. When it comes to crunch time, your employee has no resources, abilities or skills to execute what was delegated. That’s what downtime is for ~ training your employees.
  3. Poor clarity of the big picture. Delegation usually goes sideways when a snag happens, and the employee gets stuck. When they get stuck, employees can’t help think of the next steps, because they don’t know the big picture.
  4. Poor meaning to the task, and lack of clarity of the importance of the task. Employees like to be important to the mission, and if you don’t help them see WHY it’s important, they are just going to see it as “MORE WORK”…

These are my secrets on delegation, and 90% of leaders do not delegate like this…

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