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Leadership Begins with Self-Leadership

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Having a great team begins by first knowing thyself. Once you know how to lead yourself, what you will have is greater self-mastery and greater emotional & social intelligence to lead others.

Many leaders & entrepreneurs think that being the boss allows them to have the last say, or “my way, or the highway” attitude, but those days have sailed. That would have worked in the 70s and 80s, but definitely today.

Why? Employees have more information today (at their fingertips), on what employers can and should be like. And as a leader, we also have that advantage, so there’s no excuse when we say, “we didn’t know how to be great employers…” ~ GOOGLE IT!

It’s no biggie getting followers to follow you,

but if you want leaders to follow you,

you have to be a different leader…

Being someone that pays a salary, does not make you a leader automatically. Leadership must be earned.

Let’s put it this way, it’s no biggie getting followers to follow you, but if you want leaders to follow you, you have to be a different leader.

Just like the Art of War, as a good General, you will need to understand what your foot soldiers, archers, knights, can do. How far they can shoot, how much food they must consume, how far they can march. But as the General, do your men know how you take risks, and what kind of leader you are? Well, in the military, sometimes soldiers don’t have a choice who they fight for. But in the commercial and business world, your employees do have a choice. In fact, they have PLENTY of choices!

Understanding how you react to challenges, how you react under pressure, how you look at the big picture or details, how fast you work, etc.

Do you understand your leadership qualities?

Do you understand the qualities of the team you lead daily?

Are you ready to grow from good to GREAT with your Team?

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